Thursday 2 October 2014

Just Thinking

I sometimes miss being office based, not the office on the outskirts of Edinburgh in the soulless "Business Park" but the one at Logie Mill in the New Town. At least three days a week I would wander up either to Cockburn Street and visit Avalanche and Fopp or at other times park at St Andrews Square and go to the shiny new Fopp on Rose St.

On my way up the road from Manchester I was thinking about this and the money that I should have saved since then from not having to commute through to the capital not to mention the frequent record shop visits but then again I discovered Discogs and Piccadilly Records since then so I'm worse off than I was back then.

Today's track comes from an album I remember buying one Saturday or Sunday  around this time of the year over a decade ago when I went in to do a couple of hours and strangely found myself in Fopp. Back then I didn't resent sometimes working weekends for nowt, possibly because it was only sometimes.

I Am Kloot - Proof

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Scott said...

I empathise Drew. I have a similiar affliction where I cannot pass a record store or book store without feeling the need to buy something.