Friday 3 October 2014

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance To A Repeat Posting

Another hectic week and last night I had neither the energy nor the inclination to sit at the laptop and try to think of a track for today, so instead here is a rehash of something that was first posted on the second last day of 2011.

This Friday finds us back in 1993 with a bit of gospel tinged house courtesy of the fifty strong Sounds Of Blackness with a little smattering of the genius that was Sasha before he disappeared up his own arse. I apologise for the crackles but this was played quite a bit and I have a feeling that the quality of the vinyl in 1993 wasn't that great as a lot of the 12" singles I have from then sound worse than they should do.

Have a good weekend people

Sounds Of Blackness - I'm Going All The Way (Sasha's Chuff Chuff mix)

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