Saturday 23 March 2013

Into Dust

Here's something that won't cheer you up on this bitterly cold Saturday, of that you can be assured.

It is however in it's own morose way a rather beautiful song which might or might not be about Hope Sandoval's deteriorating relationship with William  Reid with whom she was living at the time.

I'm sure this must have been used to soundtrack some angst ridden scene about  teenage vampires not fitting in with their peers or some such pish in that Twilight thing.  If not they missed a trick as this song and band tick all the goth boxes.

Mazzy Star - Into Dust


Ed said...

Hi Drew

do own the LP on vinyl, but lovely to hear this again, think it was unquestionably the track that got me into them.

Simple and yet so beautiful.

Unknown said...

Conceptually, though, wasn't that a great couple, William and Hope? I mean, really.

davyh said...

Last night I went to sleep as heavy rain fell to an iPo On-The-Go playlist of

'Flashing Lights' - Kanye West
'Fade Into You' - Mazzy Star
'Paradise Circus' - Burial vs Massive Attack (thanking you)

drew said...

Ed - it is lovely but not in cheer you up kind of way

William - I think a car crash waiting to happen.

That is a rather nice play list to drift off to Mr H

Ed said...

Drew - no, agreed, a desperately sad and beautiful kind of way. As with the album's opening track 'Fage Into You.'

Ed said...

or 'fade into you' even!