Wednesday 27 March 2013

Nothing To Do On 13th April?

So there I am walking back with Max, Stiff and William from the stadium to the cars, all dejected at seeing Airdrie getting gubbed once again on possible the coldest day ever.  Will William see a home victory this season? I think not, but anyway back to the story. So as we reach the traffic lights I see a familiar face walking at speed, JC, the Vinyl Villain, of course a dedicated Raith Rovers fan who has just witnessed his team beat Airdrie for the fourth time this season.

I didn't have much of a chance to speak to JC as he was in a hurry to get the train back to the city but I did promise to advertise this night that he is promoting. And as both of us were in attendance the night of Father Sculptor's first outing at King Tut's how could I not.

So if you are in the Glasgow area a fortnight on Saturday, you could do worse than come along to Stereo and see this up and coming band.

Tickets can be purchased from

See you there. 

Father Sculptor - Sault

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the plug Drew....I've now been lucky enough to hear the EP that's being launched on 13 April and it's pretty tasty.

Just about to head off to Dumbarton for tonight's Rovers match. Hope to do Airdrie a wee favour but even then, it still looks as if you're doomed to go back down to Div 2