Saturday 16 March 2013

Aw Naw!

A couple of weeks ago my laptop started to fuck up big style, blue screening all over the place and informing me that it was "core dumping". I was more than a little concerned and phoned up the HP help-desk as the computer is still under warranty, just.

The very helpful help-desk man and I ran through various diagnostics and fixes but to no avail and so I was informed that the only option was to return the laptop to the factory settings and instructed to save anything I wanted to keep to an external hard drive. I have a back-up portable hard drive that I back up my music to but hadn't done so for a couple of months so decided that that might be a good idea.

The restore did what it was supposed to do and I now have a fully functioning laptop again. But last Monday night while getting my shit together for Luton I decided to listen to my latest northern play list in Itunes, double clicked on the first title only to be confronted with an exclamation mark and a box informing me that the file could not be found, so I clicked on a few more of the tracks with the same outcome. I decided to search the drive for them but to no avail and to cut a long story short the back-up didn't work and nothing that I have uploaded since the last time this was done is there.

Usually this would send me into an apoplectic rage and have me kicking things but I managed to stay calm and started toting up what needed to be uploaded again. I have some concern over a few of the LPs I've bought recently like the Asphodells and Frightened Rabbit as I will not be able to re-use the down load codes and will have to rip the whole albums which will take a while but not the most unpleasant task in the world.

So last night I started ripping some of the northern soul singles that until a couple of weeks ago were present and correct in the database and a more pleasurable few hours I haven't had in a long time. With the aid of a couple of rums and ginger beer with  a premier cru Aspalls cider on the side,  the time whizzed by and eventually it was time to call it a night. But before doing so, while putting away the singles this 10" single caught my eye and it was time for "just one more tune". Simon has written more eloquently about this track here than I ever could. So suffice to say that I love this and it's up there with the very best that Kevin and Co have ever recorded.

Dexy's Midnight Runners -This Is What She's Like


Walter said...

Oh yes, technolology could make you crazy. You took the right medecine Drew

davyh said...

If you've lost 'Nights Over Egypt' by The Jones Girls let me know and I'll sort you out.

drew said...

I did indeed Walter.

You are a very funny man Mr H.

Funnily enough I have the track on a Sound of Philly dbl album. I have never felt the urge to play it let alone rip it.

Swiss Adam said...

Its frightening how computer reliant we've become.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know how you managed to remain "calm" - that wouldn't have been my reaction at all.

After a similar thing happened to me, I have so many backups now, I don't even remember where THEY all are.

drew said...

Vintage Grooves - I didn't lose everything and it gave me an excuse to spend some quality time with my northern soul.