Friday 22 March 2013

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

You know how sometimes you buy something on a particular label which is so good that you subsequently just blindly buy whatever is produced on it knowing that there is a greater than 50% chance that no matter what  it is you have purchased it is at least going to be very good? This has happened to me a few times in my life, especially with dance music imprints such as Soma, Junior Boys Own and Hard Hands very, very rarely let me down, Mo Wax more so but that was to be expected.

Today's track comes from the label that if back in the day I was told I could only choose one from which I could have every release then undoubtedly it would have been the one I would have opted for then.

Sabres of Paradise had that little something extra in that it was run by Andrew Weatherall which you knew meant,  to paraphrase John Peel about someone else but it kind of fits here,  that you never quite knew what you were getting, it may not be always what you wanted but it was what you needed. And so from the very first release PT 001 United , which sounded absolutely nothing like it's review in Update, which I can't remember now but remember thinking to myself "that sounds fuck all like that" but I digress, I was hooked. Then there was Secret Knowledge, SYT, Waxworth Industries and Blue, no not that Blue,  to name but four of the artists who released a record on the label. They all had one thing in common for me, I didn't have a scooby who any of them were or what they sounded like before I bought the vinyl they put out on Sabres Of Paradise.

I Still have most of the seventeen releases, the last release Jack of Swords seems to be missing and I never managed to get a copy of PT013 which was a Sabresonic T-shirt.

Today's track is PT011, a quality piece of techno from Slack, of whom I know nothing about and after consulting the web, which was not possible in 1995, have found out, were a duo consisting of Justin Drake and Quinn Whalley and they appear to have released four 12" in total.

Have a good weekend people.

Slack - Painkiller


Jase said...
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Jase said...

That's the same link as yesterday!! 80)

Swiss Adam said...

I tried to play the Sabrettes comp 101+303+808 Now Form a Band recently. In loads of places it did sound like soneone hitting a metal bin repeatedly.

drew said...

Just testing to see if anybody was paying attention Jase, link now sorted.

SA - Sabrettes, different kettle of fish entirely. Have got 12 of them but only Slab Red 4, The Innersphere releases and Inky Blacknuss Drumulator have been played more than a couple of times.

davyh said...

Just to say, I haven't the faintest idea what you lot are on about, cheers.

Anonymous said...

drew - snap on the sabrettes comment

dickvandyke said...

Got any Nana Mouskouri?