Tuesday 26 March 2013

Improper Trax

I'm not sure if I should be posting this, as the people behind the illegal edit that this is an edit of have threatened violence to anybody who sells or plays the record, so I suppose posting it for free will get me a kicking as well.

The San Soda edit, the one that this is an edit of, is a remix of an early house track, It's You by E.S.P. from 1986. Are you still with me? The edit posted titled The Heat sounds pretty good to me even if it is a bootleg. When I bought it I thought it was a legit record and as the San Soda edit was produced in a ridicoulous run of 150 and the only copy on Discogs going for nearly 500 quid, I'm not surprised it has been bootlegged.

Improper Trax - The Heat

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Echorich said...

that is a work of sheer joy and brillance!!!