Thursday 20 October 2011

You Made Me Realise

I was going through my tracks on the mp3 player trying to make some space for new stuff last night. I hate doing this as I end up spending the night playing about a minute of  maybe a hundred tracks that either I can't remember or think 'haven't heard that for a while'. Last night spending about two hours and freeing up less than half a gig of space. I even thought of converting everything back to 128kbps but know that I would just spend more time reloading all the tracks that I will convince myself no longer sound right.

I was surprised to find that during an earlier cull I had deleted both My Bloody Valentine albums released on Creation Records but what surprised me even more is that I hadn't noticed and hadn't missed them. Both of these albums used to be played pretty regularly around these parts, although I can't even recall the last time now.

I decided that if I hadn't missed MBV, I could go ahead and delete the other things by the band with the exception of the Weatherall remix of Soon.

Before doing so I clicked on You Made Me Realise and it did just that, made me realise what I have been missing. So instead of freeing up space it was time to reload both albums mentioned above but I decided to stop before uploading the bootlegs from the last tour.

My Bloody Valentine - You Made Me Realise

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Artog said...

Top track. I think the two eps and Isn't Anything were MBV's high point (with Several Girls Galore being their absolute pinnacle, and therefore one the greatest moments of guitar music ever). I've been meaning to post I Believe for ages, it's mad how these tracks are only available in their original issues.