Monday 24 October 2011

Mukatsuku Records

Here is a record label that you really should check out if you like anything with a dance beat or a bit left field.

The label was started by Dj Nik Weston and is a strictly 7" vinyl operation, no cds or downloads here. The label has been championed by the likes of Mr Scruff and Giles Peterson. Most of the artists on the label I had never heard of before with the exception of Tom Middleton and Amp Fiddler but all of the stuff that I have bought so far  has been as funky as one of the most funky things you can think of. The records can be ordered from Juno Records here .

Mukatsuku is Japanese for pain in the neck, btw.

The track posted is from 7" MUKAT 007.

Gaggle(DJ Mitsu the Beats) - Eastern Voyage

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