Wednesday 19 October 2011

Ain't That Always The Way

It's half term up here and I took the week off to look after the boys. I also figured that I would have plenty of time to get a load of blog posts down and bits and pieces done around the house.

 . . . well it's now Wednesday and I have done absolutely bugger all on either the DIY or as you will have noticed the blog fronts. We are going away for a few days tomorrow so I better get my arse in gear.

Paul Quinn - Ain't That Always The Way


davyh said...

I fear it will be similar with our HT next week - usually is. Although I must take the girlies to have a look at this.

drew said...

There are advantages in living in a Metropolis after all. I am going to try to get to that when I'm down either next week or in 3 weeks time.