Friday 28 October 2011

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Since it's the Friday before the 31st of October, Max's Halloween party is today and at least a few of you I bet will be following his lead by dressing up and dooking for apples over the weekend I thought that we should maybe have a themed dance track.

Finding scary dance tracks wasn't as hard as I originally thought it was going to be, my first thought, obviously was Spooky with Billie Ray Martin and their version of Persuasion a track I've always found more than a little disturbing. Then there was Organ Donor by DJ Shadow which does send a shiver up my spine. I found quite a few more including more than a couple of unsettling Aphex Twin tracks.

I also found a 12" single called Nightmare by Brainbug which I have no recollection of buying. When I went to put it on it was surprisingly not as bad as I thought but it is still, unmistakeably trance,  a form of music that brings me out in cold sweats just at the thought of how mind numbingly tedious it is.

However, by far the scariest tracks are to be found in Drum and Bass, what with all those amen breaks, tracks like Shadow Boxing, Escobar Blues or Origin Unknown's QED near death experience documentary sampling Valley of the Shadows.

But the daddy for me has to be a remix of the track released in celebration of Moving Shadow reaching it's hundredth release. The original of The Shadow along with Distorted Dreams on the flipside are two of the darkest tracks I've ever heard. Rick Smith, however on his Process mix takes it onto a further level of eeriness which when played at night on the mp3 player while out walking makes you stroll that little bit brisker and you start to view your surroundings differently. It is a most wonderful piece of paranoia inducing music or maybe that's just me.

Have a good weekend people.

And remember, don't have nightmares.

Dom, Rob & Goldie - The Shadow (Process mix)

A suitably scary picture don't you think?


davyh said...

I'm sure that's the bloke that walks a ferret down The Strand.

Swiss Adam said...

Terrifying picture. Wasn't scary house a bone fide genre back in the day?

drew said...

I think it was SA, perpetuated by the likes of 2 Untalented, they really were scary.

Anonymous said...

Have you rushed out for your copy of Q this month as its full of your favorite Bonzio!
Long time

drew said...

Saw it at Euston St on Wednesday just laughed. New album will be the latest return to form. The fuckers haven't not been in an issue of Q for many years. The reason I stopped buying it.

New Cramps 7" boxset available btw Jiommy

Anonymous said...

Dont do vinyl have nothing to play it on? Probably have them but will of course check it out.

flycasual said...

Anything by Fever Ray is pretty creepy. I stupidly put a song on a special playlist while waiting for the birth of my son, it didn't go down to well with my wife or the midwife.