Sunday 30 October 2011

Football And (or) Music

Unless you are a parochial, small minded bigot from west central Scotland , then this post will probably mean very little.

For years I have wondered about the correlation between having a shite taste in music and being a fan of either of the two sectarian clubs in Scotland. It has never ceased to amaze me at the lack of taste in music of most supporters of what we are led to believe are two of the greatest teams in the world and whose derby is so much more important than that of any other two teams that reside in the same city in any other nation on earth.

I have decided that it comes down to passion or lack thereof. There can be no other reason as to why one side of the divide will stand there week in week out singing a third rate Tina Turner song or at the other extreme,  be so passionate about a song from a forties Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, which has been stolen from a more successful team from another country!

 Recently I have come to the conclusion that the reason that  most people who support either side of the Glasgow sectarian divide have such a bad taste in music is that  their allocation of passion is wasted,  they would rather use all of their emotion in hate and bigotry for a past that can not be changed than just feeling the sheer joy of hearing something that does something to you on an emotional level,  for no more reason than it sounds wonderful and makes you feel happy

I am sick to the back teeth of people I know who behave in this manner. I have had enough of the insinuation and covert sectarianism on both sides.  Get a grip and realise what is important, not the perceived wrongs of a generation or so ago but who we are now and what we want for the future and for us fortunate enough to have them, our children.

Here endeth the rant

 Specials - Doesn't Make It Alright


g said...

Good rant Drew!

Maybe this is why I support Queen's Park!?! Their club song, played every matchday, includes a refrain in Latin - really! - "Ludere Cause Ludendi", roughly translated 'the game for the sake of the game'. Wise words. And words that I wish those that follow the Old Firm would take to heart - it's not about religion, it should be about football, only football.

Anyway, maybe Queen's Park's lack of bigotry inspired our winger James Allan to go on and form Glasvegas?....

And isn't music for the sake of music, aside from all political, religious or social concerns, sometimes the most uplifting?


Webbie - FootieAndMusic said...

Agreed. Down with this sort of thing.

Lorraine said...

Appreciate the sentiment & agree that tons of Celtic/Rangers Fans have atrocious taste in music.
However, it's possible to love one of these teams passionately, not be sectarian & be passionate about decent music & gigs...I'd like to think I'm in that category! I've enough passion to go around...not always enough money though :-(.

Great blog.

PS My word verification for the spam avoider is "urini"...

drew said...

Hi Lorraine, welcome and thanks for the comment.

I do have friends who support both teams that have what, would in my opinion constitute a good taste in music but I've always found that those who follow these teams are more likely to have a more conservative taste in music.

My rant was quite incoherent as I probably had a couple too many gins on Sat night when I typed it. It was not what I intended to blog about but a few things that happened during the week planted this thought in my mind.