Saturday 24 September 2011

Tune of the Year? Very Probably

The credit for bringing today's tune lies squarely on the shoulders of one Nolan Micron. If you haven't visited Castles In Space you really are missing out as not only does Nolan give us blissed out gems like today's track and some very limited upfront releases which are nigh on impossible to get your hands on by the time they are posted but  also recently delved into the back catalogue of the Warp label to bring us some of the best of their early 12" singles in their entirety and much more besides.

Even though Lemon has been posted before I thought that some people might have missed it and I believe that everybody has a right to hear music as beautiful as this track is.

As I say, it was a couple of weeks ago that Nolan introduced me to this track which bowled me over and I went on the hunt for a physical copy which was secured quite easily but I'm not sure if it would be as easy now. It will have to be something really special to take the mantle of track of my year away from this, something akin to the second coming of Otis Redding.

I am only going to post one track from the ep, the Time and Space Machine third mix. If you like what you hear and I can assure you that the original is even better,  you can go across to Castles in Space where you can download the ep in full or better still head here , buy it and ensure that the Birmingham duo keep making music as sublime as this.

Also I would like to thank Free School for disassociating the vision of that git Toby Young in my mind from the term "free school", as whenever I hear it now I will immediately think of this track and have nice thoughts rather than psychopathic ones.

Free School - Lemon (The Time And Space Machine Third Mix)

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Swiss Adam said...

Toby Young is full of shit. Unlike this record, which is full of ace.