Monday 26 September 2011

I'm From Further North Than You

Lets start the week off with the second single from what is probably my favourite Wedding Present album, it is certainly the one that I play all the way through the most.

Mr Gedge is second to none in producing rhyming couplets on the subject of love and loss.

The version posted is the 7" single version which was remixed by Klee  a band from Cologne whose singer Suzie Kerstgens can be heard duetting with Gedge on the track.

The Wedding Present - I'm From Further North Than You (Klee remix)


Anonymous said...

totally agree - always thought George Best would stay at number one until this one came along

drew said...

FoRW - it really is a great album.

Lee Thacker said...

Great song! I'm currently working on 2 comic book projects with Mr Gedge, see here for details: