Wednesday 7 September 2011

Phoebe's Song

While watching the Jezabels last night I was reminded of another band who I have resigned myself to never getting to see as they never seem to leave New York, The Caulfield Sisters.

Hardly the most prolific act in the world, a couple of tracks released on a couple of compilations a cd ep a split 7" single and a couple of download only eps in their seven year existence.

Here is a track from the excellent debut cd ep from 2004, Playing with Fire which was released on Joe Spadero's rather brilliant American Laundromat Records.

As for the Jezabels, on last night's performance they are destined for greater things if their is any justice in the music industry which we know there is not. So if you get the chance go and see them before they bugger off back to warmer climes down under. Also check here for a more comprehensive review and Colin assures me he got some great photies of the gig as well.

Kid Canaveral were not too shabby either, as I've said before, you owe it to yourself to own Shouting At Wildlife, get it here

The Caulfield Sisters - Phoebe's Song

Right, I'm off to get the Sleeper down to the big smoke!

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