Monday 19 September 2011

Good News, For Some Anyway

There has been quite a smattering of Fall things floating about recently, not least over at The Bagging Area, with two posts featuring the dulcet tones of Mr  Smith in two days.

The gruppe were playing as part of the Electric Frog festival last Sunday in Glasgow and I am ashamed to say that I decided that the 30 quid a ticket was too steep for the Fall, I know, I wasn't in my right mind when I came up with that one. Stiff who had also taken part in a ninety mile bike ride that day bothered to go and has stated in dispatches that they were on top form. So I missed out big style.

Now to the good news, Cherry Red announced last week that they would be releasing the 29th studio album, Ersatz G.B.  by Smith and Co on the 14th November which will be preceeded by an, as yet untitled single. Now that was good news, coupled with the gig at the Picture House in Edinburgh on the 3rd the beginning of November is looking not to bad to me.

Here's a track from the last album but one.

The Fall - Is This New


Swiss Adam said...

Like you say, good news for some

davyh said...

Splendid. I'll be counting on you to taste it, tell us if it's any good, perhaps hack off a tasty morcel and serve it up to us here.

Also, you've reminded me, the venerable Richmond Library has the Complete Peel Sessions for loan - must pop in with my quid.


davyh said...


George said...

No, £30 a ticket is far too much. You were quite right not to encourage them. For 40 minutes or so.