Saturday 3 September 2011

Far Nearer Foamo Refix

A  few weeks ago I was banging on about the Jamie xx track, Far Nearer being the song of the summer, well summer is just a distant memory up here in the north of Britain but something dropped into my inbox that added a little sunshine to a rather wet and grey Saturday morning.

Ctel, from Acid Ted sent me a link for a remix, or refix if you're down with the kids like me,  for the Jamie xx track mentioned above by Foamo. There is also a promo clip for a cracker of a track,  Ocean Drive which is  released on Monday, go here for the gen.

The refix isn't that radical  but does just enough to make the track more dance floor friendly making the track just that bit sunnier, if that was possible.

Jamie xx - Far Nearer (Foamo refix)


davyh said...

We had a refix done on our kitchen ceiling once.

Anonymous said...

no, that was artex.