Friday 18 March 2011

It's Friday . . Let's Dance

A few weeks ago I posted something by James Lavelle and UNKLE and the overwhelming view was that the collective were a bit of a disappointment and did not live up to the sum of their parts.

Since then I have gone back and listened to the albums and on reflection the output is patchy, the first album I still really like but a lot of the rest of the stuff I could take or leave and with the later stuff I definately prefer the instrumental takes of the tracks oppossed to those with the big guest names. I also think that their output sounds better when fucked about with by others. Some of the remixes have been inspired,  from Sasha's mix of In A State to Jesse Somfay's take on Burm My Shadow.

Today's track is probably my favourite remix of an UNKLE tune, messed around with by the one and only Carl Craig. At this point in time I can't think of a single thing bearing C2's name that I haven't instanly liked. Here he takes the neo classical Trouble In Paradise from the 2008 soundtrack inspired End Titles . . . Stories For Film and turns it into a ten minute slab of dancefloor friendly techno, absolutely magic.

UNKLE - Trouble In Paradise (Variation On A Theme - Carl Craig C2 mix)

Have a good weekend people.


davyh said...

Is that girl playing techno dancing for Wii?

drew said...

I'm not sure what she is doing.

But after the berating I got for posting a more mature couple dancing last week it was the best I could find.

davyh said...

Responsive to customer feedback.

davyh said...

I think you should just run sturdy girl every week, perhaps, Warhol-like, with a different colour tint each time.

drew said...

But "sturdy girl" wasn't dancing thank god!

davyh said...

You're quite right - I have conflated two thematic strands, for which I can only apologise.

She could have someone's eye out.

drew said...

Just what I was thinking. Chaos on the dance floor!