Friday 4 March 2011

It's Friday . . Let's Dance

By the early years of the last decade I had pretty much last interest in dance music, well in comparison to how I previously used to indulge. I no longer bought either MixMag or Muzik, listened to the essential mix on Fabulous Radio 1 and never went to clubs, it would take the evolution of dubstep a few years later to get me enthused about this kind of music again. I would still buy the occassional thing if it had Mr Weatherall's name on it or if it stood out enough from the trance by numbers shite that seemed to be everywhere around this time.

Today's track is one such track, can't remember when or where I first heard it but I do remember that it was about half way through that I became aware of the track, I think that it was the insistant piano loop that got me. As I stated above it had to be a bit different to get me interested and this did that with the piano and the soulful vocal sample it was like a return to the good old days of house but not in any retro way.

Layo & Bushwacka! -  Love Story (vs Finally) Tim Deluxe Vocal Mix


Anonymous said...

thanks drew

one of my favourites like yourself don't know where it came to my attention but i lost the cd great to get it back but i hate the lyric "like a thief in the night "

cheers son of the rock

drew said...

Son of the rock here's the link to the original mix

Anonymous said...

very nice drew very nice

thank you

son of the rock