Tuesday 8 March 2011

Yeeh Hah!

Step 1 - Pull back the carpet or pour some talc on the kitchen lino

Step 2 - Download tune

Debbie Taylor - Don't Nobody Mess With My Baby

Step 3 - Turn up the volume and press play

Step 4 - Spend the next two and a half minutes jigging

Now, don't you feel better?


davyh said...

Goodness, but that's a stomper. I'm having a coffee and sat at the computer, but I'm talcum dancing inside, if that counts.

Mondo said...

Sheesh - a stomper and a scorcher. I could also imagine Debbie Taylor appearing as a guest on one of those seventies Seaside Special shows, and blowing the roof of the tent...

darcy said...

One of the great "unknown" soul singers. For me it's her slowies that really hit the spot.