Friday 25 March 2011

It's Friday . . Let's Dance

Better late than never I suppose.

Back to the heady days of 1990 for today's tune and a record I make no apologies for re-posting as I never get sick of playing it. From the unmistakable intro, the Star Wars samples and the Italian piano house stylings of the breakdown, it encupsulated the mood of the times perfectly. It might not have been a favourite with the po-faced elitist amongst us but to me it was utterly, utterly brilliant and still has me grinning like a cheesy quaver on a couple of doves when I hear it.

Together - Hardcore Uproar.

I have been a little troubled today. I think that someone may have inserted the dreaded corporate chip in my head as I lay in my drunken slumber on Wednesday night. As I found myself saying to a few colleagues while waiting for my flight home last night and again today, that I had had quite a good time and for the first time in years thought that it had been a useful 2 days. Shit !

Still, DH Lawrence, eh?

Have a good weekend people


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Hey! You're part of the solution!


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