Tuesday 8 March 2011

In The Evening

 We haven't heard the dulcet tones of John Martyn here for a while. Here is another beautiful unreleased track made available on the brilliant and must have Aint No Saint box set from 2008.

It is wet and windy and bitterly cold up here as I type this but after listening to this track I feel all warm inside.

John Martyn - In The Evening


Mondo said...

Oh, that's gorgeous - first time I've heard it, but it instantly feels like an old friend..

We're off to the Cotswolds in a few weeks, and John Martyn has always been a soundtrack to wine-sipping evenings..It's where we first discovered Solid Air, so may have to order the box for our upcoming trip..

And to think, someone thought this wasn't fit for release at the time..incredible

Dubrobots said...

Beautiful stuff, as ever from the much-missed Mr Martyn