Wednesday 9 March 2011

How Feckin' Much?

Here is some newish music for you from a duo out of New York called Creep. The vocals may seem a little familiar, as they are by Romy xx who shares the same label as the band.

I really don't feel bad about posting this track, as at 12 quid for a 12" single which contains 16 mins 4 seconds of music I feel as if I own the rights to at least one of the 3 mixes. If you like what you hear I would suggest that you buy the tracks as downloads in these cash strapped times.

I'm off over the water for a couple of day so nothing here until Friday night.

Creep - Days (Deadboy mix)


davyh said...

Safe trip there Drewster.

Steph Mulrine said...

I like...