Sunday 6 February 2011

Seconds To Forever

Here is a lovely piece of dreamy dub Techno for a Sunday from CV313 on the Echospace label.

Seconds to Forever was released a couple of weeks ago and the ep comprises of 2 versions of Seconds To Forever and a further track. On side one there is the original mix and the remix of Seconds To Forever and on side two is the 23 minute live reprise of Beyond The Clouds, which you really should check out as it is a quite wonderful piece of ambient house, recorded live from the capital of Techno, Detroit.

CV313 - Seconds To Forever (reshape)


Anonymous said...

I love to hear about Vinyl, nothing beats the image of a DJ tearing it up, nowadays its all ipods and buttons. Shame.

I like to hear about this type of stuff.

Ben Jennings.
Banza Filmworks

Anonymous said...

lovely stuff