Tuesday 15 February 2011

Eastern Conference Champions

I was alerted to the existence of the Eastern Conference Champions a few weeks ago. I was sent a link to a track by a PR company. The majority of the stuff I get sent is not really my cup of tea and I didn't start this blog to pimp for PR companies anyway but when I played the track I really liked it and decided to investigate further.

It seems that the band have been going for a wee while, forming in 2005 in Philadelphia but now resident in California. In the 5 odd years that they have been going they have released a brace of singles, a couple of eps a full length album and a track on the soundtrack album to the third film in the Twilight series but don't hold that against them.

I got a hold of the last two eps, Sante Fe released in 2009 and 2010s, Akustiks both of which have been played quite a lot over the past few days. I suppose you could call them indie rock but these days that tag just about covers all bases. I don't really like comparing bands to others anyway. If you are interested give these tracks a listen, one from both releases mentioned above, I think that you may like them. I know my mate Gav of the Scuffers fame will like this.

Oh, and look out for the new full length album which will be released later this year.

Eastern Conference Champions - Bloody Bells

Eastern Conference Champions - Bristol Road


Anonymous said...

Hello, I think the link for Bristol Road is the same as the one for Bloody Bells!

drew said...

Thanks Anon, link now sorted