Friday 18 February 2011

It's Friday . . Let's Dance

1994 this week and another sub genre of the every splintering music that I call dance music ie anything from about 1985 onwards, Tribal House.

Love and Happiness was absolutely fucking huge, everywhere you went in 1994 this track could be heard. Uplifting, spiritual house music didn't get much better than this well apart from (Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind.

Written by India and Louie Vega, produced by Vega and Kenny Dope Gonzalez and originally released on Strictly Rhythmin the States and Cooltempo over here. The version posted comes from the remix 12" and was tinkered with by x-press 2 in a Junior Boys Own stylee.

River Ocean featuring India - Love And Happiness (Yemaya Ochun) Junior Boys Own Super Dub


swiss adam said...

Big tune. Best pic yet.

Mondo said...

Great tune. Like one of stephane pompougnac's picks for the Hotel Costes series..

Did you ever hear India on Nu Yorican Soul's Runaway

Anonymous said...

Thats a decent pic although sturdy was better lol. Word veri is cones.

Echorich said...

A snowy late winter Wednesday night outside, but inside the Sound Factory Bar on West 21st street it's steamy as Barbara Tucker is hosting Louie Vega's 30th Birthday party. The smallish club is packed with people dancing to Louie and Kenny Gonzalez working 3 decks and punching out deep, tribal, soulful grooves. At 1 am Barbara comes to the stage, rouses the crowd into a fervor to celebrate Louie's birthday, then she leave the stage and those unmistakable jungles sounds rise all around...on the stage Willi Ninja and his house of Ninja voguers, dressed in tribal African constume start to strut to the tribal beats that everyone recognizes. Then La India comes sashaying on from the side of the stage and breaks into a 25 minute performance of Love and Happiness. My friends, in town from South London are mesmerized and I am being transported as well.
At the end of the night my friends couldn't stop talking about how great a night they had...I could only respond that it would be just as good next Wednesday night. The early 90's house scene in NYC just could not be beat and Love and Happiness was it's Anthem.