Friday 18 February 2011

The Hymn For The Alcohol

No recommendations this week just a paean to all types of intoxicating drinks from the brilliant Hefner.

I myself will be drinking mostly Irn-Bru this evening on account of having to drive in to Glasgow to witness the Big Nosed Bard From Barking in all his glory. A man whose songs are as relevant now as they were back in the bad old days of the true blue meanies, sadly! Which side are you on?

Have a good weekend people.

Hefner - The Hymn For The Alcohol


davyh said...

Me? I'm still waiting for the great leap forward (chang chang-chang cha cha-cha chang-chang).

Billy said...

I celebrate my love for Drew, with a pint of beer and a new tattoo...

dickvandyke said...

Love and happiness to you Mr Drew.

Hope BB's on form. He's a lad with longevity and no mistake.