Thursday 17 February 2011

Love Factory

I think we will stick with the Soul for a bit.

Here is a track that should have been absolutely huge, god alone knows why it wasn't.

Written by Holland-Dozier-Holland, released in 1973 and found in a warehouse by Ian Levine, Love Factory is about as good a mid tempo northern track as you will ever hear.

After reading a lot of  articles and books on northern soul and a couple of interviews with Ian Levine, he is in my opinion what we would call up here " a bit of a baw bag"  and was responsible for more than a couple of Take That hits but credit where credit is due he did unearth and spin a hell of a lot more northern classics than anybody else and for that reason alone should be applauded.

Eloise Laws - Love Factory


davyh said...

Drew, I am in the mood for a good book about Northern Soul. What would you recommend?

drew said...

The best by far is David Nowell's Too Darn Soulful. Also quite good is The In Crowd but not as a book to read but as a reference, the size makes it somewhat awkward for bedtime reading or commuting. Both will be hard to find now but The Story of Northern Soul is basically a rehash of Too Darn Soulful and can be purchased here

The book that I dip into all the time is The Northern Soul Top 500 but it is a bit trainspotterish.

plasticsun said...

Great song - thanks

davyh said...

Ah, that's interesting; it was the David Nowell book I was looking at on Amazon before I popped in here. Top tip, ta.