Friday 4 February 2011

A Swift Half

Just in from a rather scary trip to and from Aberdeen, so in need of a half or two. Up hear a half doesn't mean a half pint unless you are talking about a half and a half pint, it means a measure of spirit which up until about ten years ago was 1/4 gill considerably more than the English unit of preference a measly 1/6 of a gill. But alas we had to go metric so in Lanarkshire spirits are usually sold in 35 ml measures or multiples thereof, however in the East and the city's you are more likely to get 25 mls.

Tonight's song in celebration of the start of the weekend and the demon drink is a ditty where Mr Mark Smith sings of his longing for the quarter gill, oh and that city that thinks it's special just because it's got a castle.

Have a good weekend

The Fall - Edinburgh Man


George said...

Yet again. You can't go wrong with The Fall. Even if a live performance, as we know, is a huge let down.

davyh said...

One of my very favourite songs by anyone, ever. Cheers Drewster!

Anonymous said...

You wait. You just wait.