Tuesday 29 September 2015

Who Do You Love?

Since you were all totally underwhelmed by my posting a bit of 60s American Garage Rock last week I thought that I would inflict some more on you this week, so here is a cover of the Bo Didley song which would later be covered in an extremely menacing style by the Mary Chain. This version by the LA group The Preachers from 65/66 ish is a lot more frenetic.

The Preachers - Who Do You Love


Simon said...

I'm listening to The Cramps at volume today, so this kind of fits.

And Beatrice Dalle really looks like she should be on the cover of a Cramps album. In a leopard skin bikini.

Swiss Adam said...

Cracking tune Drew and , oh, Beatrice Dalle.

Brian said...

That is wild and anything but underwhelming, Drew. I completely hear where Simon is going with the song complementing his Cramps kick.

Anonymous said...

Love hearing different versions of great tunes, Drew. Have you heard the Woolies or Ronnie Hawkins with The Hawks (The Band) doing this number?

Never mind the naysayers - I say you can never have enough vintage!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

This is an absolute feggin' monster. A masterpiece of one chord wonderment. I've always loved the song and Diddley, The Doors and The Misunderstood all took this mojo zombie belter off in their own directions.
But this version (for me) knocks the competition into a cocked hat. Really wonderful. Thank you!