Monday 14 September 2015

Looking For You

I was first introduced to Garnet Mimms in 1987 via the excellent "What's Happening Stateside" lp which was also responsible for my first exposure to Aarron Neville , Professor Longhair and quite a few others, In fact all of the acts on the compilation apart from The O'Jays, Bobby Womack, Little Anthony and the Imperials and The Isley Brothers were heard for the first time when I put this ridiculously cheap album on the turntable of my red Panasonic ghettoblaster/turntable combo. Anyway,  later on I kept hearing Looking For You at various soul do's but was never able to source a copy. At that time I wasn't aware that it was the flip side of the 1966 release I'll Take Good Care Of You. Earlier this year the fact that this was to be released as an RSD15 release nearly got me out of my bed at 05:30 but not quite. Fortunately when I visited Monorail the following day there was a copy which was duly purchased and has been played regularly since.

Mr Mimms is still with us at the age of 81. He stopped recording in 1977 became a born again Christian and found a career as a minister returning to recording in 2007 and releasing a Gospel album. His biggest hit was Cry Baby released in 1963, a song which would later become a staple of Janis Joplin's.

Garnett Mimms - Looking For You


Charity Chic said...

Always up for a bit of Garnett Drew

George said...

An under-rated singer is Garnett Mimms

Darcy said...

Exactly the same for me! - this superb compilation also introduced me to Garnet and Aaron back in '87.