Saturday 26 September 2015

Boy's Own Recordings - The Twelves #5

The fifth release on the label saw the return to the studio of the members responsible for BOIX1.  I don't think that people took to Substance the way they did to raise. If I remember right I wasn't that impressed when I first put it on the turntable but after a few spins it grew on me and in the here and now it sounds really good. I'm not sure that if I were listening to it for the first time I could place it to 1990 until flipped over, the b-side is firmly of it's time. There was also a remix 12" with three versions by the Moody Boys which are less than essential, it is probably best to stick to the a side of the original release although the b-side is also worth a listen.

Bocca Juniors - Substance 

Bocca Juniors - Substantially Soulful


Echorich said...

I always felt Substance felt messy. I get the attempt at a sort of organic, polyrhythmic sound, but it has never really jelled for me. I will give some props to Moody Boys Juvenile Dub mix - the different direction worked for these ears...

Swiss Adam said...

I always felt Substance lacked the spark that Raise had. I like it but t's missing something. Weatherall said that Substance is when he learnt that you shouldn't make records by committee.