Friday 25 September 2015

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Today's choice from the soundtrack of A Short Film About Chilling when I listen to it like to think it was responsible for more than a few slackers getting their groove on. It is also another of Weatherall's outstanding remixes during the period when he could do no wrong. I was aware of My Bloody Valentine and had bought a couple of things Isn't Anything and You Made Me Realise,  the latter being particularly good but I did not wait avidly for their records to be released but having a remix by my dj of choice made it an essential purchase. The use of the Westbam sample is utter genius and the "Here we go"'s and ah-huh's are not the kind of thing that would sit easily within a My Bloody Valentine record but this is no ordinary My Bloody Valentine record it has been touched by the hand of god. I have read comments in places describing this as "horrible", "a desecration of a classic. disgusting" but I tend not to take notice of the opinions of people with long matted hair and manky trainers. In my top ten Weatherall mixes.

It's the September Weekend up here when traditionally the west of Scotland decanted en masse for a weekend of drink and debauchery in Blackpool. I'm not sure if this still happens but we are going to Edinburgh for an overnight on Sunday and on the way back the following day going to see the Kelpies

Have a good weekend people.

My Bloody Valentine - Soon (Weatherall mix)


Swiss Adam said...

Utter brilliance- making MBV dancefloor friendly and bringing them into focus.

Anonymous said...

A brilliant remix. ignore the hatahs bwoy