Thursday 3 September 2015

About You

I know that it's hard to believe but back in the mid 80s Glasgow and Lanarkshire was the center of the UK Indie universe, or so it seemed . There was something in the water back then bands, like Soup Dragons, BMX Bandits and the Vaselines were ten a penny and everybody knew somebody whose band had appeared on the John Peel show. My claims to fame was I was going out with a girl who was best friends with the sister of the saxaphone player of the BMX bandits,  who gave me weird compilation tapes of 60s American garage bands also I once had a pint and talked pish with the guitarist in the afore mentioned Soup Dragons whose brother was a member of the Dirty Dozen Scooter Club. If somebody had told me that nearly thirty years on some of these  bands would still be making music and that I would regularly be served in my record shop of choice by the main man from one of my favourite of those bands I would not have believed them, no siree. Anyway,  here is a track by the Pastels from not too long ago, well six years ago, it feels like less, covering another Lanarkshire band.

Pastels/Tenniscourts Tenniscoats- About You


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drew said...

What a fanny I am!

Brian said...

Great song. So all is forgiven, my friend. There is no doubt Scotland's music scene has been something special my entire listening life. I had the pleasure of spending a few minutes in Stephen's shop while on a visit and actually purchasing something from the man himself. A nerve-racking moment (but he handled it just fine... ha!), but Stephen seemed quite satisfied since I bought the album he was playing.