Tuesday 15 September 2015


I've been on a wee bit of an R&B tip over the past couple of days,  ever since today's track popped up on the iPod on the flight home on Thursday night. We're not talking maximum R&B here, no we're talking the US stuff which I know one friend thinks is all "utter pish" but there we go, no accounting for taste. So I have been digging deep in the cd cupboard because very little of this came out on vinyl, well vinyl that I would fork out for as who needs needs 6 versions of Heard It All Before or No Diggity. I would wait until the cd singles were in the quid bin in Woollies or if enough tracks that I liked were on one of whose cheap Now That's What I Call R&B Masters or something similar inevitably curated by Trevor Nelson popped up I would take a punt on it. There are quite a few of these cd's lurking in the cupboard, checking the track listings I reckon I know less than half of the tracks on most of the discs so they must have been cheap. There is one that has a track by "Amil feat. Beyonce of Destiny's Child", so there was a time when it had to be explained to people who she was which seems bizarre now. Oh and there is also one with a Sophie Ellis-Bextor song on that but I think we should just draw a veil over that right here and now. I hope that the efforts over the last couple have days have satiated my need for the next 10 years at least. But this is still a good song.

Mary Mary - Shackles  (Praise You)

It could have been worse you could have got Bad Babysitter


Simon said...

I love my RnB. I mean, if you like older soul, theres' still been plenty of music being made that's got as much feeling even if the bands are a sampler and a sequencer. It's funny how the default setting for it is still compilations though. I've got a pile of Timbaland productions, and I could strip it down into a single compilation. Providing Oops (Oh My) by Tweet was on it. Tune.

Simon said...

What's wrong with Bad Babysitter by the way? That's brilliant. Must dig that out.

drew said...

Tweet, now your talking Si. I also love Call Me.

Simon said...

Yeah, that whole album was worth a punt, some really good tunes on there, although the singles are probably the best.