Sunday 6 December 2009

Why Have I Never Heard This Before?

Yesterday L and I decided to take a trip in to Glasgow, more specifically Byres Road much to the consternation of M who is realising far too early that weekends are for doing as little as possible.

On loading up the car with more kit than a platoon of soldiers would need for a week in the field, I found out that I had left my keys in the ignition of the car all night, which due to the fact that the car is a Saab meant that the battery was flat, those clever Swedes. What a twat, was lucky that nobody had noticed the keys in the unlocked car. So had to borrow a set of jump leads before we could go anywhere.

On arrival in the West End after a quick look around Fopp, which is bloody difficult with a push chair; and for the umpteenth time not finding anything that I wanted to buy, we headed down to Oxfam music, which had similarly proved fruitless on the previous visit.

What a difference yesterday, within 10 minutes I had a potential 15 12" singles without checking the 2 other "dance" bins that some geezer with an extremely stupid looking ethnic hat was hogging, thanks btw. By this time M was bored, Ly was looking slightly dischuffed and L was starting to get restless, meaning  "feed me", so I decided on 11 of the 12" singles, which came to a very reasonable £11.49. Not a bad haul.

One of the singles was on Junior Boy's Own and by Lemon Interupt. I was in 2 minds over this, as when I first looked at it, I thought I had it. But on closer inspection, the track I thought was the a-side was actually the AA and the A side was a track that was totally unknown to me, so decided that it was worth the 99p, even if just to fill a gap in my JBO twelves. Thank fuck I didn't put it back or an absolute belter of a track would have remained unknown to me.

When I got home and played back my purchases, I left the Lemon Interupt 'til last. When I put it on, it started pleasantly enough but as the tune progressed it just got better and better. A bit of a Balearic feel to it, not unlike Fallen by One Dove or Come Alive by JB Orchestra. I'm a sucker for spoken lyrics and a laid back vibe. I still can't believe that I haven't heard this before. It is, however a bit different from anything else by Lemon Interupt or Underworld.


Lemon Interupt - Eclipse

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