Monday 14 December 2009

Copyright Infringement Again

Seems like Dan from Withered Hand objects to me posting Oldsmobile Car, fair do's really, if I had been informed of this I would have pulled the track right away and apologized most profusley, however I was mailed by  Boxnet, stating that I was in copyright infringement as someone had complained which I suppose is also fair enough, however it may have been a little more civil to have emailed me direct.

No tune or picture as I'm presently in Manchester.

1 comment:

dan said...

hello there!
someone just told me about i am online seeing what is what.
i have no idea what yr on about. i haven't complained about anything since last week when i had a fly in my soup. maybe email me and explain? i dont even know what boxnet is!

but also, while i'm here, thanks for the support in the past.
yrs, dan/WH