Thursday 10 December 2009

Only Lies

We continue on the northern soul vibe with a single that,  had it been discovered at the height of the scene's popularity in the mid to late 70's would have been a monster due to the stomping beat and incredibly powerful vocal . However the fact that it only came to light in the early 90's means that although popular with those that have heard it, the tune has yet to get the recognition it deserves.

Only Lies by Reatha Reese was released on the Dot label and is as rare as hens teeth as only a few copies have surfaced. I recently saw a copy going for £450. So if by chance you ever see a copy do not hesitate.

I can find out absolutely nothing about Reatha. This single seems to be the only thing she has released which is a pity and a waste of a voice like that.

Reatha Reese - Only Lies


Unknown said...

Tenuous thought but maybe she's related to Della Reese, soul-gospel singer from the 60s? Both have the same, lower register singing voice.

Just a thought...


Simon said...

Great tune. Haven't heard that before!