Monday, 21 December 2009

From This Day On

I was first introduced to the song posted today when it was used in Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow's live mix of exclusively 7 inch singles, Brainfreeze.  Being a lover of all things Shadow I searched for the cd everywhere, eventually tracking down  a copy in Fopp on Cockburn Street of all places. After considerable research ie looking up Wikki,  I have ascertained that my copy is in fact one of 1000 repressed bootlegs which were sold to local record shops in California, so how a copy wound its way to Edinburgh is anyone's guess..

The cd is a mix of mainly old soul and R&B records, more than a few of which I had never heard of before and which I had great difficulty in identifying as there was no track listing.

A couple of months later I came across a cd called Brainfreeze Breaks in the same shop. Someone had the clever idea of compiling a cd with 26 of the tracks in the mix, in complete form and releasing it, illegally I think, which begs the question as to why it was on the shelves in Fopp.  This is when I learned that the outstanding song for me on the mix was called From This Day On by Eddie Bo.

Eddie Bo was a musician from New Orleans, whose career started in 1955. Over the years he recorded for over forty labels, knocks the Fall into the shade. He was so popular in his hometown, that the Mayor Of New Orleans decreed May 22nd 1997 "Eddie Bo day".

Bo died of a heart attack on March 18th this year.

Eddie Bo - From This Day On


chocolategirl64 said...

what a find and good story :

beaut track and actually threads Shad with one of my favourite tracks of his ~ this time :
*best all time has to be gdmfsob on the on the right thing ep

happy c & ny to you and yours
♪more bass bass bass bass

drew said...

GDMFSOB is a belter but my fav is still In flux.

merry christmas and a peaceful ney year to you and yours too.

drew said...

that should have been new

Andrew said...

Totally agree Drew, best song on the mix, I was well chuffed when I tracked it down on a similar unmixed CD to the one you have.

Merry Xmas - Thanks for all of the great music over the past 12 months, it's appreciated even if I don't often comment!



PS I was most surprised when my wife proclaimed GDMFSOB is in her top 5 of the noughties, we've spent many a happy hour dancing round the front room to it!

drew said...

Thanks for the kind words Andrew. GDMFSOB is a belter. Have a good Christmas