Saturday 19 December 2009

Wasn't I Your Babysitter?

Sitting in the dentist yesterday morning, I was asked "Are you . . . ., I used to babysit you?" Very strange moment. I thought that I recognised the girl opposite when I walked in but couldn't place her. It must have been nearly twenty years since I last saw her.

Back then I had just turned a teenager I had a major crush on her for a good couple of years.

Jesse Malin - Wendy


dickvandyke said...

You had a babysitter at 13. Worra puff! You shoulda been out working.

Why aren't girls named Wendy anymore?

davyh said...

I had a crush on a Wendy who worked in the bread shop when I was little.

drew said...

She went on to join the police, I think that is when my crush ended.

Northern Soul said...

i think all young boys fancied the baby sitter lol Mine was called Lisa...many happy little boy thoughts.