Sunday 27 December 2009

What to Do?

The 27th of December, what's it for?

For recovering from 2 days of excess, whether that be food, drink, relations or all 3? Or for contemplating the festivities of next weekend.

In this household, I have decreed that it is for doing sweet FA. Apart from maybe playing Mini Ninja's on the X-Box or being Boba Fett chasing Han Solo in what is a damn impressive Millenium Falcon with M. But what there will be is lots of music, of my choice,  played loud and there won't be a Christmas themed song in the mix.

I can't think of a better way to start than playing this, from a box set, that I didn't really need, as it contained about 8 tracks that I didn't own  but which was a much appreciated gift from L last Christmas.

The Jesus And Mary Chain - Just Like Honey (Demo Oct '84)

and as a bonus the Reid Brothers take on Leonard Cohen. I wonder what Christmas would have been like in the Reid household?

The Jesus And Mary Chain - Tower Of Song

Picture taken from M's bedroom window on Christmas Day


Northern Soul said...

The post xmas realisation? You've got the happy tunes on, so pour a large drink and unashamedly wallow in some seasonal misery...

Simon said...

Pics of the Millenium Falcon please!

The 27th is for recovering from two days in a row with the little man's Grandparents. I hardly touched a drop - apart from two JDs Christmas morning to cope with the Mother In Law.

chocolategirl64 said...

I'm loving the laziness of it all ~ inbetween socialising and quaffing to excess ^_*

oh there's nothing like a bit of Lenny to brighten the day?!
*cranking up the Chromeo*

davyh said...

I'd like to second Simon's request for Millennium Falcon pics please.