Wednesday 16 December 2009

Raveonettes Again

Saw the Raveonettes last night and again they did not fail to meet expectations. The sound was great although due to the venue not quite as loud as usual. I'm still in two minds over the ABC 2 as a venue, after a good few years, sometimes I quite like it, for example when I saw Isobel Campbell there, it was great as I had a seat. However when the music,  like last night is that bit heavier it sort of loses something when the place isn't quite as closed in as King Tut's. One good thing for oldsters like myself is the fact that the main band comes on at 8:30pm a whole 2 hrs before the Wah Wah Hut, meaning you get to your bed at a reasonable hour on a school night.

My fears as far as the live Raveonettes experience losing its bite due to the poppier direction of the new album were unfounded. All of the tracks were still drenched in the reverb and distortion of old. There wasn't a great deal of reliance on the the new material with  tracks spanning all the albums and the first ep being present; including Bowels of the Beast, the first time i've ever heard that track live.

I really like the sound of new line up made, especially the extremely primal Moe Tucker style drumming. A couple of tunes including Little Animals had a really bizarre arrangement, just vocal and extremely distorted guitar which just about worked. My only gripe about it being that the show was too short running at just under an hour and another 10 mins of encores. It is not as if they are lacking in material these days.

Still can't complain too much as got a set of rather fetching Raveonettes mugs from the merchandise stall where I was served by the very lovely Sharin herself.

Walking up Sauchiehall Street, Stiff remarked that we must be getting old, he never thought he would see the day that we would buy souvenir mugs at a concert and be chuffed about the purchase. Changed days indeed.

The Raveonettes - Ode To L.A.

The Raveonettes - Get Lost

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