Sunday, 13 December 2009


L had the girls up for the yearly cack factor final party last night.  For someone who saw the Smiths in the early days, was right into Nirvana and has a very good taste in music, the Killers being an exception, she really has got an unfathomable interest in such pish.

I went out for a few pints with my mate and the two of us moaned about the music, we moaned about the pubs and how they weren't like they used to be etc etc. For years people have been telling me that I'm turning into Victor Meldrew but I just didn't believe it. Unfortunately I think it may be true.

This tune was running through my head all evening.

The Rolling Stones -  Waiting For A Friend.


dickvandyke said...

O Drew

You are not alone.

Perhaps the X Factor is popular due in part to the fact that for the viewer, there is little or no discernible thinking involved? I don't get the all-consuming attraction of acts that woulda been average 'Turn' fodder in the Working Mens Clubs of 25-30 years ago. Perhaps we've forgotten how big the original Opportunity Knocks and New Faces were? And the impact of the judges in the latter?

Pubs are closing down all around us. If they carry on calling time and pulling down the shutters at such a consistently alarming rate, then we will have very few Public Houses in a generation's time.

Go and see 'Harry Brown' at the cinema mate. That'll finish you off!

JC said...

You should have phoned me mate....just back from holiday and I was banished to the PC as Rachel got her fix of the X Factor.

Still, I got to see the last episode of 'The Thick Of It' later on.

drew said...

unfortunately, there is more of it to come tonight.

DVD - the difference with those old talent shows, is nobody had the power and influence of that git Cowell

drew said...
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drew said...

JC - Need to meet up for a pint soon. Are you going to the Raveonettes Tuesday, if not get yourself a ticket? Going to be one of those break the speed limit on the m6 nights for me, as I'm in Manchester tomorrow and Tuesday.

Kippers said...

I've got absolutely no interest in it but I could almost tolerate the X Factor's existence if only its influence on popular culture wasn't so all-pervading. It seems like you couldn't even turn on the radio, the internet or the local TV news without some reference to the programme. Last night must've been the nadir though: Meridian tonight were reporting live from Reading where ex-Factor contestant Danyl Johnston (I remember the name because obviously itr reminded me of the credible and properly spelt Daniel Johnston) was performing a homecoming concert in front of hordes of screaming amoebas. So we got a five-minute report, delirious voxpops from said amoebas, pop royalty treatment for Danyl and so forth.

What makes all this even worse than you'd think was this: Danyl Johnston finished fourth in this year's X Factor. He didn't even make the bastard final, yet still he's up there on that pedestal. Give me strength!

drew said...

Kippers, I've decided it's just not worth getting upset about.
People are entitled to like what they will, it annoys me how much power Cowell has but remember every decade we have at least one of these guys.
In some ways it makes other bands raise their game and try that little bit harder to get noticed over the shite.

Anyway, I would be most dischuffed if say The Fall went to number one, not because I'm precious about them, rather it would mean that they had produced something which was on a par with say Leonna Lewis in the eyes of the chart buying masses.