Monday, 28 December 2009


I'm sure that the first time I was aware of Kosmos was after reading a review of it in Mixmag, which must have got my attention as it's not every day that you get a review of a Paul Weller record in that journal.

I wasn't aware of the track in it's original 12 minute form as I didn't buy Weller's first solo album at the time. What I had heard of it,  apart from Into Tomorrow, didn't appeal to me.  I found it quite bland, like a lot of the solo stuff that followed if I'm being completely honest.

The Lynch Mob mix of Kosmos on the other hand I think is just brilliant. The track was originally released as a promo 12" on Go!discs in 1993. I eventually got my hands on it when it was released on the b-side of the Hung Up 12 inch the following year.

Paul Weller - kosmos (lynch mob bonus beats)


Simon said...

The first album is actually my favourite of Weller's solo things. It's got a lot more soul and jazz things going on, with his first ventures into Traffic style folk pop. The more trad rock things he started to do were nowhere in sight. It's actually a lot closer to Style Council territory than the bloke who was hanging out with Oasis.

drew said...

May have to invest in it then Simon. Loved, Into Tomorrow when that came out I thought, this is the business but Uh-Huh Oh Yeh, did nothing for me.

Simon said...

I like Uh Huh, the sort of Small Faces with a DJ feel of it appealed. But it's probably the weakest track.

There's a double best of that has the b-sides and rarities as a third disc. That's the one to track down. That has some superb songs on it.