Thursday 30 April 2020

Orange Sky

I don't have anything to say really apart from I really love this song. I first heard this on Jon Richards morning show on KEXP when I was still office based, which feels like ages ago and I suppose 18 years is a long time. I used to tune into the Seattle station,  put my headphones on and block out the rest of the office. Never thought I would ever say this but I miss being able to get up wander across the office and chat to colleagues. Skype and MS Teams is how me and the people I work with keep in touch but I have never considered it a medium for just talking shit to other people, too much like the phone for my liking, something that I have always used very infrequently as anybody know knows me will attest to.

This always had the feel of a lost John Martyn song about it

Alexi Murdoch - Orange Sky 


Walter said...

This is new to me and I like it very much. Thanks for this Drew. As you said it is necessary to have colleagues around in your office. This is the main reason I denied the offer of working in home office. I think I can't stand 24/7 in my home.

JC said...

The Four Songs EP and the Time Without Consequence album are both rather lovely. I'm a sucker for 'Song For You.