Wednesday 16 October 2019

The Closing Act Of An Imaginary Festival (Second Stage)

A few weeks ago I was flicking through an old notebook looking for a record that I had scribbled down after hearing somewhere but could not remember what it was, when I came across a title that stopped me in my tracks for a couple of minutes. The header on the page was "Setlist For Spiritualized Closing The Festival" and as you can probably guess the page then listed a load of Spiritualized songs, some scored through others with arrows showing where they should be moved to and then the final running order.

The reason that this stopped me in my tracks was it had me remembering a most enjoyable series of email correspondence with Tim Badger from the beginning of May last year

Tim had emailed a few of us bloggers as he and SWC had had a mad idea (not like them that) to put on an imaginary festival over the August Bank Holiday 2018, over three days and multiple blogs. There would be three stages, the Main Stage where the acts would be complied by Tim, SWC and their  partner in crime KT (C) over the Friday,  Saturday and Sunday nights. A Second Stage with Jez, JC and yours truly and Another Stage maned by Swiss Adam, Robster and Walter.

There were some ground rules, the festival had to have bands that could physically play, ie were in existence at the time of the August Bank Holiday. The bands/artists would play for around an hour but headliners could have two hours. It had also been stipulated by SWC that my headliner had to be Spiritualized.

I put a lot of thought into this at the time and decided that I would add my own rule that my sets would consist of live recordings of the bands which narrowed down the attendees I could pick as I also had to already have mp3s of these. A piece of pish in relation to the headliners as I have loads of live Spiritualized stuff but a little bit trickier when it came to the rest of the line-up and possibly why in the notebook I only have a setlist for Spiritualized and no other bands listed.

I can't quite remember why this did not come to pass but I thought that I would post my Spiritualized set in memory of Tim, as I have been thinking of him recently, and of how at the start of the year when I was feeling quite low a comment he left made me feel just that little bit better.

Anyway,  below is my setlist for the final act on  the Second Stage  on the Sunday of Blogfest. I know shite name. I am sure that if it had come to pass the festival would have a much better and funnier name.

Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

Hey Jane

I Want You

Lay Back In The Sun

Soul On Fire

Shine A Light-All Of My Tears-Electric Mainline

I Think I'm In Love

She Kisssed Me (It Felt Like A Kiss)

Come Together


Cop Shoot Cop

So Long You Pretty Thing


Take Me To The Other Side

Oh Happy Day


Swiss Adam said...

Spiritualized synchronicity today.

Walter said...

It was a great idea and sadly came to an unexpected end. Let me think about it and probably I will finish a setlist to the honor of Tim

Swiss Adam said...

Amazing fucking post and tracks btw. Comprehensive.

Brian said...

That was a great idea. I come up with imaginary lineups for my ultimate three-day indie-pop festival (sponsored by my blog, of course) all of the time, but I have never gone as deep as set lists for each band. Brilliant! Feels like a project while commuting. Fantastic picks, Drew.