Monday 29 October 2018

Monday's Long Song

This track knocked me for six the first time I heard it as it is not what you expect from Kenny Anderson.  A song that lasts for more than ten minutes, surely not but then again King Creosote always confounds expectations.  On one level the song is typical of Anderson, those soft Perthshire vocals, repeating a few phrases over and over accompanied by piano and guitar but then there are the drums, front and centre, that kick in just over a third of the way through and then drive the song all the way until the finale.  Drums are not usually what you would associate with KC but they are effective, so much so that  eleven and a bit minutes have passed in what feels like the blink of an eye and there is nothing else for it but to go back to the start and play it again.

King Creosote - Ankle Shackles 


The Swede said...

This series has been chucking out some corkers across the blogs over the past few weeks, but your selection today has to be among the very best. 'Ankle Shackles' sits easily among my Top 5 KC tracks, in fact it might even be my absolute favourite song of his. You're dead right, the 11½ minutes fly by. To paraphrase Robbie Robertson, when I get to the end I want to start all over again.

Nathanael Holt said...

What The Swede said in his first sentence. Brilliant.