Thursday 25 October 2018

Keeping It Peel

Fourteen Years!

Webbie came up with this idea eight years ago and I always find it quite an enjoyable task dipping into Ken Garner's book the Peel Sessions every year and reminding myself of all of the diverse sessions that were done for the great man's radio show, albeit a task that is tinged by sadness that Peel is no longer with us, to educate, inform and do all the hard work of finding the new bands and artists for us. There are other very good dj's out there keeping up the good work but good as they are, they ain't  Peel and I don't think there will ever be another dj that comes close, that may be nostalgia and if you can prove me wrong I will be happy but I just don't think so.

This year's session is a bit different, as it's not two or three tracks recorded at Maida Vale but a live dj set by the Scratch Perverts which I do remember hearing at the time and absolutely loving.

The Scratch Perverts - Peel Session DJ Set 26/01/1999

John Peel - The Fall

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Brian said...

Terrific, Drew. His endless supply of wonderful sessions means Peel lives forever. So, I guess he liked the Fall, eh?