Monday 4 December 2017

I Never Dreamed

I Never Dreamed has graced these pages before but that was as an upload from a compilation CD of The Cookies, today's rip is courtesy of a vinyl copy of the 1964 Dimenson Records promo 7". This record has been very high on my wants list every since I first heard it but it has always been well out of my price range, however a copy came up on eBay a few weeks ago and for some reason only garnered the interest of one other bidder who I assume wasn't that serious about the record as I ended up getting it for a very good price, even when taking into account the customs charges, something that we in the UK will know a lot more about from 2019 onwards!.

I consider I Never Dreamed to be right up there with the very best of the Girl Group sounds and would go as far as to say it is in my top 5. The single was written  and produced by Russ Titelman and Gerry Goffin and arranged by Carole King and as I have written on these pages on numerous occasions failed to be a hit which to me is inexplicable as it is absolutely sublime.

The Cookies - I Never Dreamed


Anonymous said...

I agree, Drew - it's a great example of the "girl group sound. If I didn't know better, I'd have dated it two or three years down the road from 1964.

Swiss Adam said...

Yes indeed, a great tune.