Friday 18 December 2015

It's The Friday Before Christmas . . . Let's Dance

Tonight is the bar person's least favourite night of the year, well it was mine and those I worked with's anyway but we might all have just been miserable gits, actually we were miserable gits. But when your pub is filled with amateur drinkers who know bugger all of pub etiquette. either can't remember a round or think that bar staff are too thick to keep more than one drink in their heads it is hard to keep up ones naturally sunny disposition. Throw into the mix guys who can't handle their drink and after two pints get paranoid and try everything they can to start a rammy and you have a recipe for disaster. If I had a pound for every time some arse said "cheer up it's Christmas" I would have been able to have gotten drunk from Christmas to New Year's Eve no bother. At which point my usual retort was to quote the words of a wise old drinker, Stuart,  who did the rounds of the pubs of Lanark every night of the week until it eventually killed him. "I don't need a (fucking) calendar to tell me when to be happy".

It was even worse djing on this particular Friday as good taste went right out of the window. Jeez, some of the pish that was requested!

This weekend I will be mostly pondering my vinyl storage problems as there are mutterings about the dining room no longer being that.

Have a good weekend people and if you are venturing out this evening, be careful out there.

Here's a tune that I think I would have played in the pub and which was probably mostly ignored.

South Street Player - (Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind (The Night Mix)


Echorich said...

Great Choice Drew! This is a track that can stick in you head for days! Roland Clark, in all his many guises, is a genius of classic/soulful house! Just a massive tune!

Anonymous said...

And good words to go with it.
Swiss Adam